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Come In and Whiten Your Teeth Today!

Come In
and Whiten
Your Smile Today!

Fast and safe whitening system

Fast and safe whitening system
DaVinci Blanch employs simple and quick process to perform teeth whitening. It has a simple three-step whitening process:

1. First, whitening gel is put on teeth.
2. Second, an LED laser is carefully placed into mouth.
3. Third, teeth are washed.

This in-office process takes maximally to 60 minutes to remove teeth stains. But treatment time depends on stains hardness and other factors such as gum sensitivity and teeth surface. After treatment, you should avoid consuming sugary foods and colored liquids such as coffee, tea and strong drinks.

Our whitening process is equipped with the latest cosmetic whitening treatments. If you really want a safe and economic method, DaVinci Blanch is the right place to choose.

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Relaxing 3 Step Process


Whitening gel applied to teeth, upper and lower arch


LED Laser Light is positioned to the mouth to accellerate whitening


Rinse and see your results